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Historically, Halloween can be traced back to the Ireland with its Celtic peoples. The Celts profoundly believed in the existence of spirits. The name of one of their main festivals was Samhain, which was celebrated at the end of summer season.
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Celts believed that during this particular time of the year, the veil that divides the spirit world from the physical world would become very thin and spirits would be free to walk in the physical world. They feared the evil spirits and thought the only way out to escape these evil spirits would be to disguise themselves as hideous creatures. Perhaps, these were the first ever Halloween costumes. Later, this tradition got mixed up with those of ancient Christians and Romans and became Halloween as we know it today.

One of the most important figures in thoroughbred horseracing is the jockey, and now you can pay homage to your love of the sport by wearing jockey costumes! Welcome to JockeyCostumes.Com, where we urge you to mosey on in and look around, find the jockey costumes that you’re looking for, and then saddle up for the ride of your life.  The jockey is an important player in the horse racing team. For those who may not be familiar with what a jockey does, the jockey is the person who rides the horse during the horse race. The jockey is just as big a part of the win as the horse itself, and their skills as a jockey can allow them to command a large part of the purse when a horse wins!

The jockey and the horse together decide who makes it to the finish line.  Whether you dream of someday riding a horse in the Kentucky Derby or you just love equestrian sports altogether, jockey costumes can be particularly fun, especially for smaller frames.

Jockey costumes typically consist of a pair of short, knee length pants, a jockey top, and a riding hat, along with a crop.  There can be all sorts of twists to jockey costumes and keep in mind that not all jockey costumes are meant for guys. Some of the world’s best jockeys are, in fact, women.  Jockey costumes can range from the basic costume that you wouldn’t mind your kid wearing out for trick-or-treat to the more seductive adult jockey costumes that you might wear out to the club or to some other risqué event.

When outfitting your jockey costumes, be sure to go with the right accessories.  A riding crop is essential, as are gloves and depending on the type of jockey costumes you are looking for, tall, knee length boots might be fitting.

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The costume choices these days are innumerable, and the choices are not limited to weird and spooky costumes any more. One such great costume choice is Jockey costume. Formerly, the jockey costume was designed to resemble a jockey riding on a horse. The costume set included a silk jockey shirt, pants resembling horse’s legs and a horse body and head.  This costume creates an impression as if you are riding a horse. As the costume became extremely popular, jockey costumes for other different types of animals also became available, for example, that of penguins or ostrich jockey costume.

So now you can celebrate your Halloween party in style by opting for jockey Halloween costumes for your family and friends. Both cool and stylish, jockey costumes create an audacious atmosphere that adds some fun to the otherwise bewitching nature of the occasion.

Accessorizing Your Costume

In the world of horse racing, the jockey is as important as the horse. Accessorizing your Jockey Costumes is just as important. One of the prime tools for a jockey is the crop. You can find many different colors and lengths of crops made of various materials to fit the look of your jockey. A pair of tightly fitting gloves in faux leather is another pertinent part of the costume. You might choose black, white or another trendy color that blends with your Jockey Costume. Tall boots that are knee length will complete the entire look. You may also have a favorite number that you might opt to place on your back so that all the fans can see just which horse racing team you represent.

Measuring for Your Costume

Jockey costumes that are ill-fitting can make you feel like a horse of a different color altogether! Make sure that your jockey costume fits you from the starting gate to the finish line by measuring first! You should measure your waist, your chest, and your hips at their widest part for the best fit. A very important measurement for most jockey costumes is the inseam of the pants for the jockey. This measurement is taken from the center of the crotch, down the inside seam and to the hem. If you already know your inseam, just use that figure. Compare your measurements to the size chart for the costume on the product details page.

A jockey is a person who rides a horse and plays as big a role as the horse in a horse race. If you love horses or horse racing or if you are just someone looking for a different costume to wear this Halloween or for a party or event, then the jockey costume will be perfect for you. A pair of shorts, jockey top, knee length pants, a hat, a riding crop, gloves and boots makes up a Jockey costume. Some of the best jockeys of the world are women and there are jockey costumes for women as well. Jockey costumes include sexy seductive ones as well as weird and spooky ones like a jockey riding a horse.

Jockey Halloween Costumes

Wearing high fashion clothing every day is not possible for most of us. People have jobs or other businesses that require them to dress in a particular way.  For few others, it just does not fit into their budget to have high end clothing for every day.  However, Halloween is a day we all can make an exception. This is the time when people can break out of the mundane and boring, the dreary and the drab, the functional and the frumpy and dress up as something different. We can become an all new individual, or even animal for that sake, at least for one night.

You have endless options open in front of you, when it comes to Halloween costumes. You can choose according to your taste and preference. You have traditional spooky costumes like witches, vampires, ghosts etc; you have princess and prince costumes; cartoon characters; celebrities and funny costumes etc.

The funny costumes can prove to be a great choice as you would be able to make people laugh than scare them. Jockey Halloween costumes are one of those costumes that are not only funny but also unique. There is not even the remotest chance that you would bump into another jockey in the party, as is highly likely with other costumes such as vampires, ghosts, supermans, and spidermans etc.

Designed originally to resemble a jockey riding on a horse, jockey costumes today are available for many different animals besides horse.

These costumes are available for both children and adults. There are many different versions of jockey costumes available. Typically, children get a colorful costume and a hat that will make them proud and keep them active all day. Ladies get a gorgeous set  with a dress, belt, hat and a leather arm band that are designed to fit and give the racey attitude of a jockey. You can easily buy these from one of the many online stores. Visit online stockists for good prices and discounted shipping rates for jockey Halloween costumes today!

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